Thursday, 3 May 2012


My second experience to be a director for TV & Post Production subject.

(click here for the large result)

A lonesome guy, Raga, is accustomed to a lonely life in his gloomy world. Until one day, he meets Keisha, a perfect girl who always stays with Raga. What will happen next when the truth reveals and messes up with his insecurity?

Note: This film was chosen to be watched by Northrumbria.


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HelenDushko said...

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Arika Yasmine said...

Creative idea to make movie and to be watched abroad!

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Prisca Jolanda said...

ihhhh li! kamu buat film??? keren keren bangeeett. eh eh itu raganya ceritanya kenapa sih li? kayak freak gitu yah?

Cliff Tuna said...

Filmnya keren! Tapi aga creepy gitu, soalnya cowoknya kaya gitu hahaha but two thumbs up for you, keep going ya! :D

Fabrizia said...

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