Sunday, 13 June 2010

craving for this

lip ring!

simple vintage watch

Anyway, i'm looking for House of Harlow 1960 collections then i love all of her collection since i'm a fan of Nicole Richie - yeah! i love her style.


uh-oh! buy me this one!

idk, but i love this boots!

sorry, random!


sii miemi said...

wow cool stuff..
i'll craving too

btw kamu blm follow back deh,

regina stacia abigail said...

cool stuffs dear!

have a new post, please visit and leave a comment on it thaaaaanks:)

Aurelia Liana said...

mira: already followed! :)
regina: aku gak bisa komen di tempat kamu deh, kayaknya mesti diganti format komennya hehe :D

Michelle said...

wow, i love the lip ring sooo muuchhhh ♥

Audrey Ruby said...

hello, arrive back from my blog. thanks for dropping comment. :)

*bingung mau comment apa sebenernya karena buta fashion hahahaha*

wanna exchange link ? :3

beckyxoxo said...

Aaa I want lip ring too ! I'm craving for rings now , cute rings , cool rings , all of them . Haha .

cherry♥berry♥kiss♥me♥honey said...

wow love the lip ring<3
i hope you will get all of them :D

Erica Leigh said...

great wishlist! at first, i thought you literally want a lip ring, like a piercing in your lip, and i was like D: "ow!", but i looked closer at the picture and saw the cute ring, and now i want one lol.


Meilinda said...

wow. cincinnya bagus2 bner. jd pgen jugaaa..hahaha.

iyaa,ak kul di untar jurusan psiko.
kmu skul? dmna?

Marissa Abigail said...

love the rings !

come visit mine ! :D

Stevia said...

i want shoes too
and all those rings
and bags
and dresses

oh I want all kind of stuff
too bad I have limited budget :(

anyway, followed you and linked you
care to do the same? :)
and join my giveaway if you like! <3

DEEvona's diary said...
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DEEvona's diary said...

waoow... love those rings!! ^^
what brand are they?

anw,i've followed u.. do u mind to follow me back & exchange link? :)

slam knal yaa... (a new blogger here, pls visit my blog... :))

monica said...

cute cute vintage rings.

im following


monica said...

cute rings

btw im following


Diana Ang said...

km coba cari di red pedder. mungkin ada jual cincinnya :)


Super cute adorable lovely boots !!!
& i soo like House of Harlow, love love it they have great things

titaz said...

bootsnya memang keren :)
salam kenal yaa

Jessica said...

I've got some native american boots similar but ive never worn them, ahhh ive been too scared.. maybe ill did them out now and do a sun dance :) you've inspired me.

perhaps you can look at my blog

im following you on bloglovin, sure to be back x