Tuesday, 30 March 2010

hello again

yeah i'm back, for a long time i didn't post anything for my blog because i've been busy in semester 2, many assignment ,yeah it's fuckin' made me stress out! how are you y'all?

last week (Saturday i mean), me Michelle and Melisa went to Mi-Casa-Su-Casa but sadly i just got 1 item, but it's luckily too for me because Michelle and Melisa didn't got anything from there LOL! i got long sleeve shirt with a green colour, me likeyyy <3>
after went from there we went to PS ,and we took a few photos


and the funniest thing are me and Michelle acted like paparazzi and we captured a photo of Melisa LOL! here's the best candid photo

yap i thought it's enough ,see you on the next post!

don't forget to follow my twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/lianalyana --> i want to use hyperlink but it's error, anyone know why? ) and my blog too for sure, yay!
sign out
xoxo :*


Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

BUSET ada gw juga disitu hahahahah nice2.. melisa paling kewl (y)

djhanq said...

cool i love ur white innerwear :)

i've followed and link ur blog :))
tattoo freak

bella francisca said...

hello thanks for your comment!
you guys really cute haha,
sure! lets x-link, why not?
tell me if you're already linked me,
soo i can linked you ;)
please understand my situation (read:UAN ><")
keep in touch!

xo, bee ♥

t a l i s h a said...

heart that bulky bag, aurelia! :)

Owen said...

love your outfit in this post :)
check out my new post dear :)

Eva Silviana said...

Yeay friends quality time, i always love the time! I really love your outfit kak, simple and chic. Your shoes are cool!

fhen said...

cool bag you have! hope you post an outfit with your new buy :)


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Sweet pics:) And I really like your blog title :)

Aurelia Lyana said...

all: thanks for your sweet comment! :))

Erica Leigh said...

aww, you and your friends are cute and i like your style! thanks for visiting my blog. and i do have a twitter! it's twitter.com/iamericaleigh, so i'll go ahead and follow you.

♥ erica

Aurelia Lyana said...

Thanks erica! :) I'm already follow you back ♥