Wednesday, 16 December 2009

another fashion show

Corinne Grassini takes the name of her fashion label from London's 19th century Rational Dress Society, which set out to reform women's fashion by tossing out constricting Victorian garments in favor of more liberating fashions

how i do love her design , it pretty simple and not used any colours, and maybe pastel colours will being a trend in next year i thought

i'm craving of this shoes ♥ gimme one ! it selling on Facebook about 200.000 rupiahs

but yesterday i got Dr. Martens shoes at Garage Store on Facebook, and i'm happy because of that!

here is the picture i bought it with a cheaper price ♥♥♥

and , yeah ! now i'm active again at looklet , just click in here if wanna know my looks :) .follow my looklet and give me some hearts and comment ♥♥ ,and follow my twitter too cause i'm active in there .

sign off !


devishanty said...

love all the grassini's dress!
love the docs too, btw the seller is my friend IRL :P

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

thanks for u're comment dear...i follow u dear :)

Aurelia Lyana said...

devishanty: ah really? wow what a small world LOL ! btw thanks for the comments ♥♥
novitaristiana: thanks baby ♥♥♥

Owen said...

love the colors, btw, we had same pairs of martens! :) they're nice arent they?

F i K a said...

heyy are you?? :)

anw,I have a similar shoes, but mine is flats and I bought it when I was in Bali..200rb is so worthed I think..coz I bought the flats for about 175rb if I'm not mistaken..hehe

anw,I like the photos of the fashion show that you choose!! :)

vii said...

oh i love the 9th outfit of those pics...
and that Dr. Martens shoes rele cool.

hannah. said...


i love dresses, especially No.8, love the patterns.


Aurelia Lyana said...

thanks ! :)