Sunday, 13 September 2009

happy friday

Last friday, i went to GI with Eva (called Ebot) after make up class at my college (FYI, i'm in college now ! yippie ! later i'll upload my classmates and my friends at LSPR) . we walk around, shopping together, me and her bought same tanktop at Forever 21 , she bought a light blue and i bought a dark blue LOL. After that , she had a dinner at Hokben .me? no, i'm not hungry! we had a chitchat and like other girl do, took many photos and being crazy rawwwr ! ROTFL. here are our photos.

what i wore?

my cute zebra print shoes !!! ;D i bought just only @35.000 rupiahs .very cheap and cuteee <3

well, sorry just a short post. cupcups ! tomorrow i'll update again ;D

'you know i love you so' <3

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