Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Marc Jacobs spring 2010 ready to wear

damn. really want his design .it's sooooo cool ! i hope that one day i can wear it LOL .

anyway ,today i went to one mall near from my house to dinner with my mother, brothers, hubby, and my maid .we ate at Waroeng Kampoeng , it deliciouss i ate Ayam Penyet with rice , but poor (big) brother , he ate 'kwetiau' idk in english lol. and the portion is very small ! so he ate twice ! and the price are too expensive for the small 'kwetiau' ,gosh! no photo *i'm forget* :(

tomorrow i'll go to Dufan with my LSPR friendsss ! yippie ! and lucky, the price just about 45.000 rupiahs ! hope not too crowded in there .hmffff
now i'll upload my photos with some of my LSPR friends :)

jaya, mega, adit, me, dave, putri, daffi, agatha, axel

vetty, ardy, mega, laras, me, putri, diana, agatha

putri, maya, diana, vetty, me, agatha, mega

me and merlin

sorry for the bad result, i grab this photos from facebook lol. tomorrow i'll go with them ! but sadly maya, diana, vetty, laras can't join us ;( .and still have many others, but they ain't in that photos.
and poor me, they start the class at 1pm, and me at 9pm ,so hard to play with them in campus !

mario, tanto, cella, melisa, me, meiza, winda, sasa
i always with them in campus

via, sonia, me, mario, ega, claudia
some of my classmate

finish for today, sorry for the loooong post :D cupcupsssss! <3


Little Bo Peeep said...

Omg marc jacob's colection is simply wonderful <3
Those colours are beautiful!

MariaLaurentiaLyana said...

yes i know, he is an awesome designer :D

jojo said...

wisss geng eksis boooo hahahaha

lyanaa said...

huahahhahaha ya donggg wek

F i K a said...

whoooaaaa..jd ngiler liat koleksinya marc jacob..hoho

colorful banget..andai ada yg berbaik hati kasih salah satunya ajaaa..hihihi

lyanaa said...

hahahahahha iyaaaa semoga ya 5taun lagi kita bisa jadi modelnya MJ haha :DD

Vina Sagita said...

ow ow ow, temennya marioo! haha. i know him too. :)

Erica Leigh said...

loooooove, marc jacobs! too bad i can't afford any of it. :P no harm in looking (and drooling!) though!

the pictures of you and your friends are cute! aww, it sucks that you and your friends start classes at different times though. mine too! it's so hard to see everyone. i haven't even seen one of my closest friends in 2 weeks because we're on campus at different times.

yes, i'd love to exchange links! thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

@vina: iya temennya mario hehehe !

@erica: yes, i love it too ! yes too bad, i want to change times, but i'm lazy to go home at noon ,traffic in here! ;( pity me . anyway thanks for link me ,i will link you tomorrow when i'm online in my laptop .teehe .loveyouu

RiaTii said...

hey thanks 4 the comment on my blog.
mau bgt tukeran link. saling follow our blog juga mau ?
i already link u, so u link me back (:
is that agatha christie kamaratih dumatumun ? she's my friend too. bff actually. wow what a small world. (:

lyanaa said...

oke aku link sama aku follow yaaaa :) .iya itu temen kamuuuu? ya ampuuuun ! sempit banget ya duniaaa ahahahah ! kapan2 kita ketemuan yaaa sama agatha jugaa hihi

Velo said...

great post, inspirational.. =D

lyanaa said...

thanks :)

ONiC said...

iyah kenal fika dr blog juga :]
sure sayaanng, i'd love to exchange link with you.
link mu dah di add di bagian indo proud yah :]