Tuesday, 7 July 2009

mood and story

well, her in the picture is me . click this image to enlarge and you can see that i'm crying for my loneliness . no friends. just an ugly cat named Kiity and she can't play like a person. and my lovely and the only one baloon is accompany me so why? it can't talk. this picture is telling you about my feeling and expression. i don't wanna explain anymore so you can make your own conclusion about my art :)

today i went to one of the mall in Jakarta that very ordinary, can you guess where is it? i bet you can ! haha.
t-shirt: Diery
denim short: Mom
bangles and bracelet: Malioboro and Pasar Ular

so i just wore this simple outfit, 'cause i just go to that mall, just watched and just played card in Starbucks while waiting for the movie so lazy to wear a mixmatch outfit. so i watched Ice Age on 06.30pm , and it was so funny ! Ellie (an elephant) son was soooo cute !
then you should watch , refreshing with this movie and to relax beside you got stress on your real life hehe.
and now i'm so confusing, i can't choose which items that i will buy, it better to buy a leather jacket or a denim jacket?


Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

Ahahahaha good job! Beli leather aja li, lebih murah hahahaha.

Gw lagi nonton spongebob nih, ga tidur gw akirnya.

jojo said...

gambar lo jadi kayak felm kartun campur orank deh. haha
puri ya? haha

lyanaa said...

iya nih gw milih itu aja, denim gw bingung beli dimana yg murah. huuu . parah lo ga tdr sama sekali?!

lyanaa said...

hahahah lucu dong. iyaa tau aja lo huahaha

Owen said...

beli leather ajaa, kalo denim cari thrifted hehehehe :D