Friday, 17 July 2009

happy eighteen

so, today i was celebrated my birthday with my lovely bf and i loveeee him so ! ;) thanks dearl. on 12am he came to my house, give me a surprise and he gave me a beautiful flowers , i'm very happy ! hihi. later i'll upload the photo , tomorrow maybe. and after that on 2pm, we decided to karaoke first at Limelight and we sang a lot of songs, then after finish we came to Starbucks 'pinggir tol' to take a sit for 2 hours or 3 hours i'm forget. we talking a lot and taking many photos with his digital camera, and here are the pictures

love you alotss !

self potrait haha

Add Imagei candid him when he was talking to me. hahaha

and then we took a photoshoot on there,

OH NO he candid me with my stupid face ! ;(

always together yay! ;)

black shirt: orange
statement necklace: nefertiti
denim short: mom
brown vest: unbranded
black belt: guess
brown sandal: malioboro
bangles: malioboro and little india

still many photos , but i don't have the others. 'cause iwan sent to me on msn and he tired to resize the others (1 photo size 1MB !) , so i just had a bit and the others still on his computer . anywayyyy tomorrow i'll upload my collections on my online shop, if you haven't add you can find my online shop on my latest post and add it. hehe. and back to the topic, after that we went to sms and ate in the outdoor .NO PHOTOS in there teehee. simple birthday right? but I'M VERY HAPPY :) thanks alot for iwan 'cause you make me very happy today ! ;)

and of course , i want to saying 'thank you' to all people who have said happy birthday to me whether on facebook, sms, or phone ! i'm really happy :D and thanks to for my friends especially chachamaricha, they all didn't forget my birthday ! teehee really happy ;) and the first peerson who said happy birthday to me is Winda hehe thanks . love you all xoxo


jojo said...

slamat yaaa :) :) :)

Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

sama2 :D

Ribby Chloe said...

aw aww.. happy belated birthday darlo :)
eventho u are in ur stupid face, u always look cute >< aaa envy :) and i love ur outfits heree too. and btw ,where's malioboro ?

lyanaa said...

jojo michelle: makasihhh :D
olivia: thanks ya cantik :) malioboro yang di jogja itu loh eheheh

ella elbo said...

hi dear :)
happy belated birthday yaa :)
anw,,i love ur style on ur birthday ^^
hope ur wishes coming true

Jessica said...

super happy belated! hahaha =)
sweet picts with your bf.. xD

lyanaa said...

makasihhh ya semua :D