Monday, 6 July 2009

First Post

I decided to created another blog, so in this blog you'll see everything about arts and fashion . yes arts and fashion are connect each other. and i love that !
why meidy? idk, but i love that name since i made my creativity of arts in paint and i called her Meidy . i'll show you her later, not now because my low speed internet connection makes me mad ! indosat had a promo so it made my IM2 like a jerk .pity me.
and why i named this blog with diary of bunny and fashionista? the reasons are this is my diary, not a secret diary but it likes a book that tells you everything that i want to share and have been thinking on my mind, and the bunny , idk but when i hear it, it remembering me of an art and fashionista ya you know it's about fashion things that i want to share to all of my readers (i hope i have many readers one day.amen :) )
anddd why i created this blog because many inspirational cool art and fashion bloggers , so i just wanna try this beside i'm so boring on my holiday.

hope you enjoy this blog :)
hugs and kisses,


jojo said...

hello, hope that u became a fashion blogger okay

Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

amen.... :D wish you luck!

lyanaa said...

thankss ;)