Monday, 20 July 2009

birthday wishes and things

i want to sharing a lot sooo this post will be a loooong post ;)
it's coffee time ! today i, my mother, my brothers, and my boyfriend are went to the GI mall. we ate a lot to celebrated my birthday , it's kinda late but no problem and oh well ! i haven't celebrate with my closest friends ! this week okay i promise . and after that we took a sit at Starbucks (again lol) . while waiting my mother bought some coffee for her, Iwan, and my brother i took a photos in there , captured by : Iwan

my checks are bigger in holiday ;(

top: Monik belt: Esprit high waist jeans: Kiddy shoes: Jakcloth

he's a good photographer yay ! LOL. he will buy DSLR and i can't wait ! 'cause i want to take many photos on many places with his camera teehee.

still many photos but i'm lazy to upload . my im2 is getting slow because my quota are empty now, but luckily ain't like before. and here are, us played cards on there and took many photos

i loveee them !
(ps: he look handsome in here aw aw! rotfl)

we on there until 10pm and we went back to home.we arrived at 11pm. anddd you know i got my second surprise from him !!! LOL very happy hihi. he made me getting mad and i cried and he gave me a cute Ultraman necklace with a clock inside the necklace . thanks alots boy ;)

the watch inside there

veryy cute ! yay! love it thankss *cups*

and for my birthday wishes i want:
*more shoes*

i want flats or boots, don't know but i don't like heels, i like to see mine wearing this 'cause it make me look taller, but ain't enjoy wearing this. tired to walk and make my feet hurt, so i prefer to wear flats. and i want to go to Wondershoe ! next week i hope i have much money. this week i wanna buy some collections for my online shop, it goes well .happy :D


i want it ! i want it ! i'm craving for a denim things

*flower skirt*

wanna buy or make in tailor

*new handphone*

oh urgent ! i need it ASAP . my 5700 in very bad condition. i won't tell but very poor. pity ;( . i love my 5700 but yah i must change it. i want E71 but it expensive so i want to buy E63 , don't know when but i want !

*more jewelry*

need it more, i'm shoes and jewelry lovers LOL!

i want black ripped jeans too ! i think it make people look cool. wearing this with a loose t-shirt and sneakers. like Agyness Deyn do

oh i envy her, she is the first woman in short hair that i like . 'cause before that i don't like woman in short hair. i like long hair but she's diferrent she look beautiful and charming in short hair !

and now in holiday, i want to bleach my old purple skinny jeans . and make own ripped legging , pray me will success ! ;)

talk to you later , xoxo


Owen said...

nice shoeees <3

Jessica said...

hahaha so many birthday wishes xD
gw ambil management. hehehee

jojo said...

eh bagus amat tuh ultraman. hahaha
enak ya bahagia trus hahaha

Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

gw juga mau kalo dr martens hahhahahahah trs tenang aje kl necklace kan tar kita buat bareng2.

lyanaa said...

thanks for your comments !
owen: yes i know hihi

jojo:kliatannya aja kali, tp kan blm tentu smua yg lo liat kya gtu hihi

michelle: iyaa kita beli bahannya ya ntar !

jessica: iya nih lg banyak bngt yg pengen gw beli, gawat deh ahaha

Nalia Rifika said...

whaa..kamu mengingatkan ama hp e71 aq yg ilang 2 mingguan yg lalu..hiks hiks..

eh iya,,ultah kamu tepatnya kapan siy?hihi
kita tnytaa sama2 cancerians yaa :D..hoho


hey, i love your tshirt! and those clourful boots look so edible. lol! adorable.

Risyaa♥ said...

heyya i'm blogwalking back.
i love your jeans, where did you got it?
you stated it was from Kiddy, what store is that? lol.
& your bang is totally straight!! major cute~

have we exchange link?

Vina Sagita said...

cute ultraman!